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So Why Towhee Club?

As King's Creek Golf Club undergoes an exciting renaissance, a new name for the club was needed--one that better represented this hidden gem nestled among the fields and streams of Spring Hill, Tennessee. We could think of no better personification of the course than the Towhee.

A year-round inhabitant of central Tennessee and most of the South, the Eastern Towhee is heard far more often than it is seen. The towhee can commonly be found in the undergrowth along the edges of farm fields and backyards of Middle Tennessee. While they are often solitary, the towhee's distinctive call is a constant reminder of their presence. If you are lucky enough to spot these elusive birds, their ruddy orange and black feathers can be strikingly beautiful.

Just like the bird, Towhee Club might not be the flashiest or most extravagant, but once you catch a glimpse of it, you will not soon forget it. And you'll want to heed its call to return again and again.